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Makerspace: Making it Happen in Edison!

Grand Opening! April 9, 2016 at 11:00 am

In the tradition of our community’s namesake the Edison Public Library is proud to announce that it will be incorporating a Makerspace as part of its collection of services to the community. Some of you maybe wondering just what a Makerspace is. Makerspaces as a concept are a little hard to define but generally they can be thought of as creative workshops designed for the community to explore and invent. They align nicely with the current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) movement in education but can include creative crafts and is available to all ages.

In the beginning the Edison Makerspace will be outfitted with an iMac and Makerbot 3D printer and a workbench stocked with hand tools. We will also be including a quilting sewing machine that sews programmed patterns from a template. Furthermore, we also have plans of including video recording capabilities and a keyboard for music composition. Arduino kits and Raspberry Pi kits have also been provided to allow you to explore and design anything from flashing display signs to robots and wearable technology.

The Makerspace is not limited to the “stuff” we put into it. We are inviting organizations with an interest in creativity and technology (aka invention)
to join us in this venture by hosting events in collaboration with the library. We have already opened access to Lynda.com which we have subscribed to as part of the eductaional component of the Makerspace. The iMac will be installed with the full Adobe Creative suite of software to allow you to make digital creations ranging from movies, posters and websites and we plan to do much more as we move forward.

The MakerSpace will be located in the Edison Public Library's North Edison Branch at 777 Grove Avenue and there will be a Grand Opening celebration on April 9, 2016 at 11:00 am.

Right now we are looking for volunteers to help us run the Makerspace and develop our community of future inventors and artists. If you like the idea of helping us to build a cutting edge Makerspace, please fill out a volunteer form at one of the Edison public Library’s branches or fill out our online application.

Excited? Keep checking here for more information and developments.

Want to help? Fill out an application online here or in person at any of the library's branches.