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2015 Tax Season Information

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Paper Forms Available at the Library

The Edison Public Library will only be recieving a limited collection of printed tax forms from the IRS. As with previous years no tax forms are beind delivered by the State of New Jersey. In both cases the IRS and the Office of Taxation of the New Jersey Treasury Department offer free access to an online tax preparation service.

Note: Not all printed forms are currently Available:
Forms marked with an asterix (*) are currently available for pickup at the library.

Federal Forms (and instruction booklets):

New Jersey State Tax Forms:

New York State Non-Resident:

How to get additional forms and Links to other information.

IRS Federal Tax forms:
Download from the IRS Website: irs.gov/forms
Order online from the IRS: irs.gov/orderforms
Order by Phone (Large Quantities): 1-800-829-3676

New Jersey State Tax forms:
New Jersey State Tax Forms are available on the State website.
Follow this link: Division of Taxation Forms Page.

To Get Tax Forms for New Jersey (from the 2014 NJ-1040 Booklet) you have the following options: